Equipment For Heavy Duty Tow Trucks

Heavy duty tow trucks are meant for towing vehicles from one location to another. These trucks are meant to carry heavy vehicles and with complete safety. These two trucks usually tow or carry vehicles that have had an accident or which cannot be driven to a garage. There are many types of new and used tow trucks and the heavy duty ones tow heavy vehicles to be specific. They are available with all emergency service providers and you can ask for their help when you need one. There is equipment that is required to go with the tow truck which can be bought from a number of websites or stores. To find out more in this article, you can read information down below.

Heavy Duty Tow Trucks

Heavy Duty Tow Trucks Photo by dok1 via Flickr

The Mini light bars are one of the main accessories which is used by a tow truck. These can be in three types, the halogen lights, the strobe lights or the LED lights. You can get any of the three fitted on the two truck and it would do its work efficiently.

These are warning lights for vehicles to know that a tow truck is on the road when it is very dark. You can get rotator lights as well in these mini light bars. You will find that some tow trucks do different things and that’s depending on the model you choose.

When the tow truck has to tow a broken down car or any other heavy vehicle, it has to be opened first to attach it to the truck. Certain tools and equipment is required to do this. Wedges like nylon wedges, inflatable wedges, entry tool kits and many more such articles are required for an entry in the damaged vehicle and without any damage to the vehicle itself.

These tools are to be kept handy with the tow truck driver as he may require them anytime. When you out on a job and you fix things, tow trucks need certain tools and you can get them easy from the container in the back or behind the back window of the tow truck.

Tow lights are required when the truck is carrying the load to its destination. These lights are fitted to the back of the truck for vehicles to understand the length of the truck when driving in the dark. These lights are every useful and a part of the safety measures that need to be taken when towing a vehicle.

You need high quality lights and back up lights to warn people that you are backing to tow something. You don’t want to run someone over and have a major lawsuit on your hands.

Heavy duty tow trucks are required all the time by many people and are always very helpful when an accident takes place. The drivers of these trucks have to do their job even in the worst weather and there are no excuses. There are special jackets and rain wear available in the online stores that they can buy and use when they are towing vehicles in rain and snowfall. A tow truck service number should be kept fed in your mobile in case of an emergency.