Tow trucks are a very important part of American life. Every day it is possible to see one of these trucks hauling a car to a garage or wrecking yard. Almost everyone who has car insurance has a ‘tow’ section to cover the cost of such an event and have used it often. When a company is first going into the business or wish to expand, they often purchase used tow trucks.

Used Tow Trucks

Depending on the year of manufacture one can find heavy duty tow trucks on the Internet at very reasonable prices. They can go from a few to several thousand dollars. This makes it possible for anyone looking for such a vehicle can find one fairly easily that fits the budget.

The tow truck did not just appear. It was invented in 1916 by a garage worker in Tennessee. He became tired of trying to move wrecks using ropes and other devices, especially in wrecked vehicles. He decided there had to be a better way and started experimenting until he came up with the idea of a mechanized vehicle that could move wrecks. This advanced to what is on the market today with the variety of towing required.

There are several different types of equipment on tow trucks, which handle different kinds of towing. The boom, hook and chain, wheel lift, integrated and flatbed are the most common. A used truck may have some or all of these devices. The more modern trucks have this equipment in the latest technology available. It is important to check the age of the equipment because if the equipment needs special parts they may not be available should it break down.

As with the purchase of any vehicle, its background should be checked to see if it has ever had an accident. This is very easy to do with today’s Internet programs. One should also compare the vehicle’s mileage with official estimates of the engine’s longevity. If not a mechanic, then it is always wise for the buyer to have the vehicle checked by one before the purchase. This will eliminate a breakdown within a short period of time.

Many time public agencies put their tow trucks on the market. These are always well-maintained vehicles with a full record of upkeep. This is always a good buy as one can be sure of the truck’s history.

Towing is not going to go away regardless as to how cars change. There will always be accidents, breakdowns and other situations that need a tow truck. Individual owners have found this a very reliable way to have a steady income. Sometimes they are able to get on a ‘call’ list with the police or other agencies and build up a very good business.

Used tow trucks can be viewed on the Internet as well as watching the paper for auctions of public works vehicles. The majority are in very good condition due to the fact that they have had to be available on a moment’s notice. With this requirement the department involved has been careful to keep it in tip top condition.

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