Competition among pickup trucks manufacturers in United States is unbelievable. Every year they are offering something new to attract new buyers. As a result there is a big market of used tow trucks for sale for good price.

Full Size Pickup Truck

A good example of that’s Nissan that has released in the USA market its full-size pickup, the Nissan Titan.

American vehicle makers better stay abreast of the pace because corporations like Toyota, Honda and Nissan are making quality wagons at par with what they are making. The Nissan Titan is an all around great package from the brand renowned for making quality cars.

It is an all wheel drive with great off roading capacity and high-performance level. It’s a full-size pickup lorry with great exterior designs sure to turn heads, and stuffed with overwhelming features any vehicle customer would certainly like to have. Its entertainment package includes an 8-speaker audio system for ideal music delight in the 6-disc in dash CD changer. Thrown into that package is Nissan’s Mobile Theatre System with DVD player, 7-inch monitor and wireless headphones. Added conveniences are power windows, locks, back glass and additional airbags. Consumers can also get a towing package and an off road package for extra costs. All these features counterpoint the splendid styling of the truck’s interior. Driving performance of the van is also an experience in itself, the steering is respondent and the suspension is great giving the occupants a smooth ride even in off road driving. The Nissan Titan draws power from a 5.6 liter V8 engine capable of manufacturing 305 units of h.p.

which powerful enough to power the lorry even under full load and at extraordinary road conditions. OEM parts compatible to the engine can be added to further boost the power plant’s capacity, like the Titan cold air intake system. This may certainly increase the potency of the engine and add more oomph to its already forceful engine performance.

The Nissan Titan’s bridge from its strong engine to the wheels is a five speed automated transmission with floor mounted gear shift lever for the more adventuresome drivers. It’s also provided with a 4-wheel limited slip system which applies braking force to a wheel that requires traction while directing power to that wheel. Stopping power is offered by the vehicle’s 12.6-inch Bosch disc brakes with the anti-lock braking system.

Its general performance and the features it has surely makes this wagon a possibility in the full-size pickup van market. For your car performance wants like the Titan cold air intake, check out your trusted online source. Joe Thompson owns of a successful vehicle body shop in Ferndale, California. This 38 years old is also a productive writer, contributing car linked articles to diverse publications.

World's Biggest Pick Up Trucks

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